Exercising Spots around Sydney Harbour

How are you exercising lately struggling to put your joggers on?  Sometimes it is hard to be motivated and with cooler days and less daylight hours it is becoming more difficult. We all know how important it is to be healthy and happy this includes exercising and eating a well-balanced diet.  Now more than [...]

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Sydney Landmarks from a superyacht

Sydney is famous for its beautiful beaches and historical buildings. One of the most popular activities Australians enjoy doing is swimming and sightseeing. A great place to swim and relax would be at one of Sydney’s gorgeous beaches situated around the Sydney Harbour. Sydney Harbour is also surrounded by incredible landmarks that are well [...]

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Top 5 things to do once there is no more quarantining

This has been a difficult time for many Aussies! Staying home, weary of doing the same routine, again and again, dreaming of the day you can go on holidays and enjoy normal daily activities. Well those days are not far away and we have listed the top 5 most enjoyable activities, so you can [...]

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Selecting The Right Catering For Your Event

We all love a good celebration and with the right food, drinks and venue you are sure to have a great successful event.  However, selecting the right menu can be tricky.  Serving low carb or no carb options will satisfy those who like to avoid bread, however, plant based diets are becoming more and [...]

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Yacht party for kids and teenagers

The most difficult part of a birthday celebration has to be where to hold the party. It may be a planned celebration or perhaps a surprise party.  Quite often the best and most common way to celebrate is a meal with our loved ones, and a cake and three cheers.  However, some birthdays deserve [...]

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Celebrate Your Birthday On A Superyacht 2020

Are you celebrating a birthday in the next few months? Perhaps you know someone who is and would like to give them the ultimate birthday surprise.  Hiring a venue, which includes catering and drinks, serviced on a superyacht or luxury boat would make anyone’s birthday magical.  We all celebrate a birthday each year perhaps [...]

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Wedding & Birthday Catering Sydney

Do you have a special celebration or event coming up or perhaps a birthday, wedding or engagement party? One of the most important aspects of any function is delicious food, and selecting the right menu and beverages for your birthday or wedding is essential. Making sure you pick the right catering service is important, [...]

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Why You Should Have Your Wedding On A Yacht

If your wedding is soon approaching and you have not decided on a location now is the time to hire a superyacht for your special day! Our superyachts are perfect for a Sydney Harbour wedding or reception. You are guaranteed to enjoy the most magical day with close friends and family. SQN Yachts provide [...]

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What’s On Sydney March

The best time of the year in Australia is now! Adventure around the beautiful city of Sydney this March. The warm Australian sunbeams across your face as you walk along our famous Sydney beaches. Sydney has so much to offer and so much to see, it’s time to clear your schedule and spend time [...]

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