We all love a good celebration and with the right food, drinks and venue you are sure to have a great successful event.  However, selecting the right menu can be tricky.  Serving low carb or no carb options will satisfy those who like to avoid bread, however, plant based diets are becoming more and more popular, so knowing your guest’s dietary requirements is an important factor to consider. Hiring a professional catering company can help guide you in the right direction, however, you will have to make the final decision and keep within your budget.

Here are 4 types of catering so your next party or corporate event can be a roaring success!

Corporate Catering

Corporate catering is a service offered at a corporate event for clients and business associates to socialise. Corporate catering plays an important part in corporate events such as meetings, seminars, business dealings, and conferences. Corporate functions may range from small gatherings to large conferences.  Both the food and drink will be an important factor in guaranteeing the function is a success a corporate catering team may serve canapes or arrange buffet reception.

Buffet Catering

Buffet catering can be a good choice if you are after a laid back, casual atmosphere.  The dishes are placed on buffet tables and after selecting their food guests will return to their dining table, once finished eating guests can return for a second helping.   Buffets are a good choice if you are on a tight budget, there will be no time for the catering team to serve individual plates and you can have a large variety of dishes to satisfy all guests.

Sit Down Catering

If you would like your party to reflect a more formal atmosphere, then a sit down meal will work well at delivering a more elegant atmosphere. The catering team will bring the meal to guests sitting at their tables. The meal would usually consist of three courses. With a sit down meal, guests do not have to move around the room they can relax and be served and it is a good option when elderly people are on the guest list. However, if there are guests who have dietary requirements this must be conveyed to the chef so an alternative menu can be arranged.

Cocktail Reception

A cocktail party or reception is a party at which cocktails are served and guests socialise while drinking and eating appetisers. Cocktail food is basically small servings of food that can be eaten without cutlery, and cocktail food is frequently referred to as ‘finger food’. Cocktail food can be served at parties, weddings and corporate functions and is usually carried by waiters to guests on serving trays. It is especially popular for yacht events!

To make any event special you must select the correct menu to impress and satisfy all your guests. With a variety of menu options, it can be very difficult to select the perfect one. Using a professional catering team will guarantee you will not feel stressed.

Selecting The Venue For Your Event?

Perhaps you are still deciding on the venue for your function. SQN Yachts have luxury boats or superyachts available for hire on the Sydney Harbour. Their onboard chef will prepare a delicious menu and help guide you with the right options. Your event and catering arrangements will be taken care of, give SQN Yachts an email or contact their office and they will be more than happy to answer any questions and make your next event a great success!