This has been a difficult time for many Aussies! Staying home, weary of doing the same routine, again and again, dreaming of the day you can go on holidays and enjoy normal daily activities. Well those days are not far away and we have listed the top 5 most enjoyable activities, so you can breathe in fresh, enjoy those special people in your life and appreciate new found freedom!


A family picnic or perhaps a romantic picnic for two are guaranteed to be a winner, a picnic basket a blanket or chairs and if you wish some outdoor games and entertainment will complete a picnic. In established public parks, a picnic area generally includes picnic tables and possibly other items related to eating outdoors, with built in grills, water faucets, garbage containers, and restroom. A picnic area maybe near a beach, national park, or perhaps at a sports or music event.  Picnics are a great way to relax and appreciate the company of family or friends while enjoying BYO food and drinks.


Essentially, glamping mixes the luxury of a holiday with the adventure of camping. Glamping in NSW is particularly cool because you can select different settings as your backdrop. With glamping, you can still sleep in a tent, however, you still have access to resort type amenities. So whether you would like a beach resort, or perhaps an outback adventure glamping is a great experience give it a go.

Short Getaway

Once restrictions are eased a great option is to plan a long weekend or a short getaway.  Perhaps you would like to choose a place where you can relax and escape or maybe a seaside getaway to the South Coast of NSW or a weekend trip to the Blue Mountains.  Perhaps inland to Kangaroo Valley or a beachside place such as Port Stephens or Port Macquarie.  There are many options so start planning and book and you are on your way to a weekend away from your home where you have been for a number of months.


So a large portion of us, while in isolation, have been binging on Netflix. From romantic movies to science fiction TV series, cooking shows and comedies.  Well, it is time to plan an outing to the cinema or drive in, all while social distancing.


We all should be exercising and keeping healthy and a hike or bushwalk in the countryside or a labelled walking track in the National Park are wonderful ideas.  You may be lucky enough to see animals, fauna and birds that are living in their natural habitat in the Australian bush. Wearing a backpack to carry water and food and wearing proper walking shoes and clothes are.

SQN yachts are a popular and impressive yacht company in Sydney. With a range of superyachts and luxury yachts available for hire, enjoy a day or evening on the harbour. Perhaps you would like to sleep on board and wake to Sydney’s beautiful sunrise.  Were there special occasion, which were not celebrated due to restrictions across Australia, well now it is the time to enjoy those special occasions.  Contact SQN yachts and you will be guaranteed a fantastic venue and with exceptional catering and crew, you will impress your guests.