The most difficult part of a birthday celebration has to be where to hold the party. It may be a planned celebration or perhaps a surprise party.  Quite often the best and most common way to celebrate is a meal with our loved ones, and a cake and three cheers.  However, some birthdays deserve a much bigger celebration and when it comes to a once in a lifetime birthday party, yachts are the number one option and kids and teenagers are sure to remember such a wonderful day.

Here are 3 reasons why you should host your child’s birthday party on a superyacht.

Wonderfully Unique venue

If you are wishing to impress and are after an elegant and classy birthday location hiring a superyacht will definitely tick all the boxes. Once you have confirmed your guest list you can begin to decide which yacht will be suitable. Larger yachts are ideal for a big celebration such as a 21st birthday. At SQN yachts there is a range of vessels to select from and the best part is there is no age restriction. Everyone can come and celebrate your child’s birthday, friends, and family and of course, grandparents will all be able to enjoy themselves on a beautiful superyacht.


One of the best ways to liven up a birthday party is with music and dancing.  Whether your cruise is during the day or night, you can hire a DJ or maybe a live band perhaps a themed birthday party with a dress code would be a good option. For a younger birthday party hiring a magician to perform for your guests is always an added bonus and of course lots of balloons.  Catering can be organised and your guests will not be disappointed with delicious food and drinks while cruising the stunning Sydney Harbour. During your festivities, a birthday cake will be served in spectacular style making your special day truly wonderful. Entertainment is always important if you are after assistance the professional team at SQN Yachts will help you decide on the correct style for your occasion.

Amazing views

Birthdays are a special day and it is important to make the person celebrating feel special, however, when hosting a party it is important to also entertain the guests who have come to help celebrate. Hosting a birthday for your child on a superyacht will guarantee your guests have a memorable time. The views during the day or night on Sydney Harbour while relaxing with family and friends on a superyacht is an amazingly enjoyable experience. Seeing Sydney’s world renowned landmarks while cruising along the picturesque harbour while also celebrating a special birthday who wouldn’t be impressed?

So planning that perfect birthday party for kids, teenagers or a 21st is never simple. However, from the super cool entertainment program to the best cake in town not to mention a fantastic backdrop for photos selecting, superyacht is the perfect venue. No one will want to go home from your party hiring a superyacht you will be assured your party will be a smashing success.